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SolarView by SunX

SolarView is a cost effective, high performance window film solution to rising energy bills. It offers a short payback period by substantially reducing solar heat gain through windows, improving air conditioner efficiency and lowering running costs.

SolarView’s strong metallic finish aesthetically provides daytime privacy and a modern, uniform outdoor appearance. It is also the most suitable window film for enhancing inefficient colour toned glass. SolarView resolves building hot spots, improves interior comfort and protects furnishings from damaging UV radiation.

Installing SolarView window film is a smart investment with a multiple of advantageous returns.


  • Helps lower yearly energy costs
    Reduces annoying indoor glare
    Enhances daytime outdoor views
    Protects against harmful UV rays
    Reduces fading of internal furnishings
    Makes glass more shatter resistant
    Scratch resistant for easy cleaning


  • Highly reflective outdoor appearance
    Provides excellent daytime privacy
    Deep, low-reflective internal coating
    Reduces high daytime back reflection
    Maximum heat rejection – up to 80%
    Lifetime Residential Warranty
    12 Year Commercial Warranty