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SafeView by SunX


The SafeView series of protective films offers various levels of protection that mitigate the hazards associated with broken or shattered glass. SafeView’s strong adhesive formula combined with multiple polyester layers, aggresively holds glass in place in the event of accidental damage or forced breakage.

Select from optically clear safety film, that meets the impact requirements of Australian Safety Standard AS2208 up to thick multiple layer security film that helps provide increased protection against forced entry and vandalism.

Or choose anti-graffiti film, a peel & replace product that protects exterior glass from spray-can graffiti, glass tagging and etching vandalism. SafeView series – the clear choice for safer glass!


Improves personal safety & security

Quick & easy, retro-fit application

Simple, peel & replace graffiti film

Protects against harmful UV rays

Reduces fading of internal furnishings



Makes glass more shatter resistant

Helps hold broken glass in place

Reduces injury from flying debris

Reduces hail, storm, cyclone damage

Deters smash & grab break-in theft