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Residential Window Tint From SunX

Homeowners may think that window tinting in their home is a bit of a luxury, but in reality, home Window Tinting has multiple benefits that can improve your quality of life and the way they enjoy their home.

Window tinting can resolve many common household concerns.

1) “My energy bill is too high.”

Window film is a long-term energy saver that improves air conditioner efficiency and reduces running costs – all year round. The insulating effect provided by the film prevents heat and cold from escaping the house. 

2) “This room is too hot to use during the summer.”

In addition to saving energy costs, tinting windows can also make a home more comfortable by reducing the heat and the glare of the sun’s rays. Balanced temperatures mean rooms can be used any time, no matter how much the sun shines. The insulating properties of SunX window films improve room comfort in all seasons. You will feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

3) “The sunlight in this room is fading my furniture.”

SunX can reduce the premature fading of interior furnishings by substantially reducing the major causes – heat, light, and UV rays. SunX Window Film will prolong the life of curtains, carpets, timber, and other valuable furnishings. This feature alone makes the application a worthwhile investment. This means tinted glass can almost completely eliminate harmful rays from the sun and protect your belongings.

4) “We never open the blinds because we like our privacy.”

So, you like your privacy? No problem. Certain shades of SunX tinted films can prevent others from seeing into your home behind the glass. It can also make the glass more shatter-resistant with thicker gauge protective specific films available that provide varying levels of protection. From accidental glass breakage mitigation to increased security protection against forced entry.

How window tinting can save you money


Installation of residential window tinting is carried out by our professional installers. The actual time it takes depends on how many windows the film is to be installed and the complexity of the windows. Installation of SunX Window Films involves cleaning and prepping the windows prior to applying the films. They are experienced in performing the application with minimal disruption to your daily lifestyle or work schedule. In most cases, the installation will be a fast, simple, and mess-free process.

Care and maintenance:

SunX Window Films are made for easy cleaning & carefree maintenance. You can clean your windows as you normally would. Just stay away from abrasive paper towels, rough materials and ammonia-based cleaning solutions that could damage the film on the windows.

Assured Quality:

SunX window films are made with a durable hard coat and optically clear adhesives to ensure long-term performance, durability. All SunX products are made from the finest USA sourced raw materials and are designed specifically for Australia’s harsh climate. All are fully backed by a comprehensive written warranty that covers product, labour, and workmanship.

Get started with Sunx Window Films and ask us for a free quotation. The cost of tinting glass depends on your choice. Ask your SunX dealer for specific details.