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DayView by SunX

DayView creates a soft, natural look that does not alter the appearance of windows, inside or out. Low reflectivity combined with strong heat, glare and UV reduction makes DayView a popular choice for home and building owners that desire a subtle window treatment.

Available in a range of 5 neutral densities that provide varying levels of performance and solution options. Darker shades provide stronger heat rejection combined with daytime privacy. While lighter shades offer excellent fading protection and total two-way vision that additionally preserves natural room light levels.

DayView is a non-fading, pure metallised film that will provide many years of protection and satisfaction.


  • Helps lower yearly energy costs
  • Reduces annoying indoor glare
  • Preserves true colour perception
  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Reduces fading of internal furnishings
  • Makes glass more shatter resistant
  • Scratch resistant for easy cleaning


  • Warm neutral colours inside and out
  • Available in 5 colour shade solutions
  • Daytime privacy with low mirror-look
  • Or total two-way vision through glass
  • High solar heat rejection – up to 67%
  • Lifetime Residential Warranty
  • 12 Year Commercial Warranty