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Ultratint Safe

Ultratint Safe

Metal free safety autofilm

Smash & grab theft, vandalism and increased crime have created a need for extra protection for vulnerable parked cars. UltraTint Safe is a thick, tinted safety laminate that helps hold broken glass in the event of attack or accidental breakage. It offers all the benefits of a standard automotive film combined with a thicker gauge layer and an aggressive adhesive for maximum strength. Safe is a signal-friendly, metal free product that is suitable for all vehicle types and is fully backed with a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

UltraTint Safe provides 24 hour, day & night – extreme protection.


  • Reflects intense solar heat
  • Blocks dangerous UV Rays
  • Reduces Interior Trim Fading
  • Improves Cabin Comfort
  • Controls annoying glare
  • Increases glass safety
  • Looks distinctively stylish


  • Dark, sporty charcoal-black colour
  • Signal-friendly and electronic safe
  • Thick multi-layer, 100-micron construction
  • Precision made with superb optical clarity
  • Scratch resistant for enhanced durability
  • Available in 2 dark colour shades
  • Whole of Life Ownership Warranty