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Ultratint Pro

Car Window tinting

Ultratint Pro

Dye-metallised autofilm

Featuring a dual construction of high performance metallised aluminium and colour impregnated black-graphite, Ultratint Pro blends supreme solar protection with sophisticated good looks.

Ultratint Pro’s unique graphite colour tone captures the style of modern designer sunglasses. Pro combines superb optical clarity with optimum glare reduction, while preserving true colour perception. With enhanced heat rejecting properties, Pro improves cabin comfort and increases air conditioner efficiency. It protects you, your passengers and your car’s interior from the sun’s intense heat and harmful UV Rays.

Ultratint Pro is much more than just a stylish enhancement, it’s a sound investment for the life of your car.


  • Reflects intense solar heat
  • Blocks dangerous UV Rays
  • Reduces Interior Trim Fading
  • Improves Cabin Comfort
  • Controls annoying Glare
  • Increases glass safety
  • Looks distinctively stylish


  • Sophisticated graphite-black colour
  • High performance metallised formula
  • Long lasting, multi-layered construction
  • Unique tone, preserves colour perception
  • Scratch resistant for enhanced durability
  • Available in 4 colour matching shades
  • Whole of Life Ownership Warranty