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Ultratint Boost

Ultratint Boost

Privacy glass auto film

As the name suggests, UltraTint Boost is designed to increase the performance of factory privacy glass. Boost is made from an almost clear layer of high-tech metal oxide that will significantly raise the heat rejection performance of colour toned glass and boost its Ultra Violet protection level to 99%. UltraTint Boost can also be fitted to clear glass where no noticeable change to the appearance of your car windows is a desired requirement. Boost will improve cabin comfort and protect you, your passengers and your cars interior from the sun’s intense heat and damaging UV rays. UltraTint Boost s electronic and signal safe, is protected by a scratch resistant hard coat for increased durability and will provide many years of enjoyment and satisfaction.


  • Reflects intense solar heat
  • Blocks dangerous UV Rays
  • Reduces Interior Trim Fading
  • Improves Cabin Comfort
  • Controls annoying glare
  • Increases glass safety
  • Looks distinctively stylish


  • Soft, pleasing neutral colour tone
  • High performance metal-oxide formula
  • Signal-friendly with maximum UV protection
  • Improves factory privacy glass performance
  • Scratch resistant for enhanced durability
  • Suitable for clear unrestricted viewing
  • Whole of Life Ownership Warranty