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3 Ways to Reduce Heating costs This Winter

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3 Ways to Reduce Heating costs This Winter

With the cost of living rising and consumerism more prominent than ever, people have looked at other aspects of their lives to save money rather than avoid reducing lifestyle choices. The cost of cars, insurances, petrol and schooling leaves only a few other options in your control. Doing my research I believe areas of savings can be established in the home including reducing heating costs. 
First way is analysing your home’s structure
Window tinting your home often doesn’t come to mind when saving money is a goal but what most don’t know is that applying a tint has many benefits. With the consideration of growing electricity bills and profit hungry service providers every home owner should be quick to educate themselves on how to save. Window Tinting is an action you will benefit from. Surprisingly it has multiple capabilities to help you keep money in your pocket through the insulation properties which eliminate your heating escaping in winter, and also prevents the heat entering in Summer. There’s no need to have double glazed windows to get the benefits of insulated glass. 
Making your home more energy efficient in winter is easier now with more options. You don’t have to resort to timing showers and leaving your car dirtier for longer in the colder months. Tinting your windows not only keeps your house warmer in the winter it will also provide security benefits, keeping suspicious eyes away while blocking the public’s view into your home. Strangers walking by won’t know how big your flat screen is and what types of furnishings you have in your home. Window film also prevents breakage of windows. Windows are one of the most likely ways a burglar will enter during a break in, and having your windows coated in film is a simple way to avoid making entry easy.
Ensuring your home is draught proof can lower energy bills and take the pressure off heating appliances. Having gaps or cracks in your walls or your windows can lead to drafts, which can let out cool air and lead to wasted energy use. A simple trip to the hardware for some gap filler could be a good idea.
Second is looking at the way your home functions
Winter time is a season to stay home and cuddle up on cooler nights and cold days. Trying to reduce costs is something everyone is mindful of, especially when people are home more. Simple things to maximise your efforts can build in multiple forms including keeping the vents in your home open and clean to promote better airflow in your home. Reduce your dependency on heaters with the use of blankets, more clothing, dressing robes and warm fluffy slippers. Other things like using door snakes and keeping doors closed add to that list. Doing laundry after dark and using your dishwasher the way it is advised to is important as well. Turning off all power points when not in use can make a big contribution as well. 
The house structure is another factor that should be taken into factor. With a huge emphasis on windows, the glass and seal needs to be efficient, in most cases even if you seal windows well, window glass is a thin barrier against outside temperatures. 
Thirdly is the pro active way you make decisions about your home. 
Energy Rating labels should be of a top priority when choosing between appliances – the more stars, the more efficient it is. Even upgrading your old appliances can make a difference. Standby mode on the TV, DVD player, stereo and computer still uses energy even when you are not using them, so again turn these appliances off at the wall when not in use. Over a year, appliances being left plugged in can add up to 10% of your power bill, which is huge, not to mention unnecessary.
Replacing halogens light bulbs in your home with LEDs can also reduce the shock of your energy bill. There other ideas on saving out there a good example is planting properly placed tress, which can cut your summer electric bill. Energy savings from a tree varies greatly depending on its size and location in relation to your house, and a deciduous tree will still allow plenty of sun to reach your house during winter.

To conclude my advice on saving over the winter period I believe many factors require frequent attention and maintenance. Of all the ways to ensure you keep your bills down, window tinting your home outshines other strategies. Sunx Window Tinting is a trusted celebrated business, they are knowledgeable, passionate and ready to help. Why not call us now on 1300 559 558 to get a quote on your home, office, or vehicle tinting – and enjoy our lifetime warranty.

By Cassie Ingarfill